Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell answered the most-Googled questions about themselves

Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell have a lot in common. They’re both alums of Saturday Night Live, they’re both hilarious, and they both star in the new film The House. Poehler and Ferrell also starred in this video from WIRED, which reveals the answers to the most Googled questions that the internet at large has about them.

How do they know they’re the most popular? Well, because they’re the first things that come up when typing out either “Amy Poehler” or “Will Ferrell.” The search engine auto-fills what they think will be typed next, which means that they’re pretty common questions.

Confused? Just watch and see — and prepare to laugh.

Here are just a few of the things we learned:

First, yes — in Poehler’s own words, she’s dating Rashida Jones.

 (Okay, maybe not. But it’d be awesome if they were.)

She also claims that while her and Louis C.K. have the same mother, they’re not related. Oh — and she’s not a vegan. While she appreciates them, she really loves a good steak.

As for Ferrell, he seems really confused that people thought he was on Spongebob.


So, setting the record straight, no — according to Ferrell himself, he never appeared on the cartoon series. But if the internet is talking about just a guy named Spongebob, he has no comment.

Fans also assumed that Ferrell was no longer with us.


To that, Ferrell wants us all to know that he passed away in a hang gliding accident. Sounds like a solid way to go.  Ferrell admitted that his death was actually reported back when he was filming Blades of Glory, which randomly enough, also starred…Amy Poehler.

Of course, fans who wanted to know about this could have e-mailed him. According to Ferrell, he can be reached at “[email protected]

If you want to see more of these two together — and, of course you do — The House is now in theaters.

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