Amy Jo Johnson suited up as a Power Ranger because our childhood isn’t over yet

If you happened to be wandering around the streets of Toronto on Friday you might have wandered towards a wonderful surprise. Amy Jo Johnson, who played the Pink Power Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, could be found — wearing her pink costume — and singing on the city streets. She was performing because she was thrilled her directorial debut, The Space Between, reached its funding goal thirteen days early on Indiegogo. We’re pretty excited, too.

The movie actually sounds great. The Space Between is about “a proud new daddy who discovers the child is not his own.” So he sets out on a quest to find the guy who managed to get his wife pregnant — as the couple is actually struggling with infertility. Johnson took to the crowd-funding site to get her project off the ground. She was looking for $75,000 for the film, but as of right now she’s well over $100,000! And there are still twelve days to go.

The idea to perform in costume came from the Blue Ranger himself, David Yost, who suggested she don the costume if she reached her goal early. So off she went to a Toronto street corner, guitar and all, to sing her appreciation for all those who donated to her film. After a while, she was joined by a costumed Batman, too, because why not?

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