Amy and Tina are hosting SNL together. This is not a drill.

Saturday Night Live is giving us the best Christmas present that we could ever possibly ask for. That’s right: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will be hosting the very last episode of the year on December 19th, the day after their movie, Sisters, is hitting theaters. THE WORLD IS A BEAUTIFUL PLACE, GUYS.

NBC announced December’s hosts and musical guests today, and guys, they’re pretty stellar. The one we’re SERIOUSLY paying attention to is December 19th, but they’re all excellent choices: December 5th’s episode will feature Ryan Gosling (swoon) as host and Leon Bridges for music. December 12th’s episode will give us Chris Hemsworth (again, swoon) as host and Chance the Rapper as musical guest.

But guys, get this. Tina and Amy’s episode will feature Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. If you don’t think this is going to be the best episode ever, sorry, but you’re wrong. Like, SO wrong.

Of course, both of these fabulous ladies have been on SNL since leaving the show. Tina has made several cameo appearances since hosting back in 2013, while Amy hasn’t hosted since 2010.

SNL may have had us seriously questioning their judgement after having had Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump host the show earlier this month, but this excellent line-up for December serves as a major step towards mending the fences once again.

After all, is there really a better combo than Tina and Amy for the very last episode of the year? Thanks, SNL, for promising us a very merry Christmas indeed. You da best.

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