A quick refresher on the times Amy and Tina have totally killed it as Golden Globes hosts

Oh Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, how do we love thee as hosts of the Golden Globes? Let us count the ways.

For one, watching Amy and Tina on stage means we get to watch two real-life friends perform comedy together, and that makes us just about as giddy as it must make them. Secondly, they’re friends who just so happen to be comedic geniuses with impeccable timing — funny ladies whose banter could make even the most dramatic actor crack a smile. Third, when they drink champagne on stage and high-five each other, we’re pretty sure no one is having as much fun as they are. With their third consecutive year of hosting happening this eve, let’s count down all the times Amy and Tina have totally killed it at the Globes over the past two years, shall we?

1. When Amy canoodled with George Clooney

Consider Amy Poehler one very smart lady for executing a bit at the 2013 awards that allowed her to cozy up to George Clooney as the camera cut to her name being read as a nominee. I mean, did Clooney even have to act? He’s the most charming man in the world, after all, and props must be given to Ms. Poehler for seizing the opportunity to get so close to him. Though much speculation has been cast about just what he whispered to her (much like the ending of Lost in Translation), Amy clears all that up on page 164 of her bookYes Please when she reveals George hilariously began rambling that“the thing about making movies is . . .” Oh Amy. Oh George. So many dimples. So little time.

2. When they debuted “Randy,” Tina’s illegitimate child

Few things in life will make me laugh as hard as seeing Amy Poehler in a Justin Bieber-esque wig pretending to be Tina Fey’s “adult son from a previous relationship.” Tina introduced Randy to the audience as her illegitimate child, only to have Randy glance around moodily and begin complaining about having to be at the ceremony. He then proceeded to start bickering with Tina on stage, asking her who his real father was, shortly before he went around to the audience, asking if different actors were his father, including Harvey Weinstein and Idris Elba. “No Randy, Idris Elba is not your father,” Tina sighed. “Think about it!”

3. When they got Reese Witherspoon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to clown around

Tina and Amy are ensemble comedians: they both got their start doing shows with Second City and then as part of another group cast on SNL. Thus, they understand the importance of getting their friends in on the joke, and they scored big with this bit that included Julia Louis-Dreyfus. When Julia was nominated for bothVeep and Enough Said last year, her pals Amy and Tina called her out for leaving them behind for the world of movies. “Interestingly enough, Julia has chosen to sit in the film section tonight,” Tina quipped. “Hi Julia, you know us from TV!” Cut to JLD smoking an e-cig in sunglasses and rejecting an invitation to take a selfie with Reese Witherspoon. I could watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus all day. In fact, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey should host the Globes together this year. Could it get any better than that? It might be too perfect.

4. That Gravity joke

Let’s face it: one of the best parts of any award shows is watching the host poke fun at other celebrities. Some hosts do it better than others, and Amy and Tina are basically the queens at doing this with wit and grace. Their jokes are biting and personal enough to get serious laughs, while not jabbing hard enough to seriously offend. And there has to be some scientific rule that the more handsome a celebrity, the more biting the joke can be. So it should come as no surprise that one of the better punch lines of the 2014 awards was at the expense of Mr. Clooney. Speaking of Gravity being nominated, Tina quipped: “It’s the story of how George Clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age.” Cut to Sandra Bullock doubled over laughing and we’ve got the best moment ever.

5. When Tina did her best Johnny Depp

One of the most hilarious parts of the 2013 show was an ongoing bit where Amy and Tina planted themselves in the audience with an assortment of mustaches and props to disguise themselves as fake nominees. Nothing breaks the tension of wondering who will win like being surprised with strange characters it takes you a moment to recognize as the show’s very own hosts. We all got to revel in Tina’s portrayal of Damian Francisco, a “professional volleyball player battling restless-leg syndrome,” who bore an uncanny resemblance to a certain swashbuckling stud.

6. The misprounciation of Tom Hanks’ Name

Oh, the mispronunciation of names. It’s what we live for when we watch awards shows, isn’t it? Well, that and the failing of teleprompters. All Adele Dazeem jokes aside, the best mispronunciations are usually the scripted ones. After nailing the pronunciation of nominees Lupita Nyong’o and Chiwetel Ejiofor, Poehler referred to Tom Hanks as “American treasure, Tam Honks.” His reaction is pretty much priceless.

7. Amy’s acceptance speech

We all think we know celebrities from time to time, but come on, you just know Amy Poehler is as down-to-earth and hilarious in real life as she seems, right? I totally do. This flabbergasted and semi-awkward expression is evidence of her genuine shock at taking home a Golden Globe last year for Parks and Rec. No pre-written speech, no thanking her dog groomer, and eyebrow waxer or making a huge statement, just a genuinely surprised soliloquy that was as endearing and humorous as her hosting job.

8. That point in the night when things get a little sloppy

If it were possible to pick two famous women to go drinking with, I think Tina and Amy are the obvious choices. Nothing made more sense than appearing onstage at the end of the 2013 awards with drinks in hand, making fun of the fact that by that point in the evening everyone was probably getting a little bit tipsy. “Everyone’s getting loose now that we’re all losers,” Amy dead-panned.

Cheers to you, ladies, and cheers to another awesome night of wigs, jokes, and general debauchery. It’s happening again tonight.

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