We are beyond excited for Amy Adams’ new HBO show with “Gone Girl” writer Gillian Flynn

Amy Adams can do anything. And she proves it time and time again as she effortlessly transforms herself from a live-action Disney Princess in Enchanted to a hardened wife in The Fighter to a complicated crime partner in American Hustle to Superman’s main squeeze Louis Lane in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. And in between every one of those projects, she does a million other small and large roles that keep us in constant awe of both her talent and her work ethic.

So it’s no surprise that she snagged yet another meaty role in the upcoming HBO series Sharp Objects. The only surprise is that this time, we’ll be seeing her on the small screen instead of on the big screen (where she’s been for the past decade). Even more exciting than her TV comeback is the story itself about a troubled reporter who, in the course of investigating the murder of two teenager girls in her hometown, begins to unravel herself.

The eight-part series is based on the Gillian Flynn’s (author of Gone Girl) book of the same name. As if Amy as the lead weren’t enough to guarantee we’ll be watching, there’s a creative dream team of talent assembled to make her shine. Gillian will write alongside Marti Noxon of UnReal. And tapped to direct is Dallas Buyers Club‘s Jean-Marc Vallée.

Basically, this show is going to be amazing and we absolutely cannot wait to get lost in it week after week. HBO has not yet announced when we can expect this thriling story to come to life. But whenever it is, we know we will be rejoicing Amy-style as we watch her tackle yet another incredible role.