Amy Adams just spilled on “Enchanted 2” and why she’ll definitely be back

Amy Adams just dropped some major news that we’re all super excited about!

Yesterday, on the Graham Norton Show, Adams revealed that Enchanted 2 is officially in the works!

For or you not familiar with the movie, Enchanted is the story of a classic Disney princess. Giselle (Amy Adams) shows up in the real world after fleeing an evil witch. She appears in the middle of busy NYC and teams up with the reluctant Rob, a normal, non-princely lawyer (Patrick Dempsey).

Enchanted parodies the princess movie genre while still giving us enough of its classic tropes to be totally adorable. And of course, we’ve been obsessed with it since it came out in 2007. Amy Adams in a princess parody movie? What more could you possibly want?


When Norton asked Adams if she’s going to be involved with Enchanted 2 (aka Disenchanted), Adams had the best answer.

"I'm not gonna let anybody else play Giselle," she said.

And we have to agree with her! No one else could reprise the role of Princess Giselle, and if they did, it simply wouldn’t be Enchanted 2. We’re so glad that even though Adams has gotten so famous since Enchanted came out, she’s excited and on board to do the sequel!


Surprisingly, though, the one person who won’t be totally psyched about this news is Adams’s daughter. In the interview, Adams revealed that her daughter is completely jaded to her fame and will often sarcastically exclaim, “Oh my God! It’s Amy Adams!” when they FaceTime together. (At the ripe old age of six, mind you.)

Check out the full interview below: