Here are some of Amy Adams’ best roles, in case you can’t get enough of her after Sharp Objects

Some actors actors can take on a big or small role, in any genre, and make it perfect, every time. If you try to list Amy Adams’ best roles, for instance, you wouldn’t even know where to start. She’s a breathtaking dramatic actress and a shockingly great physical comedian. It’s downright unfair that she’s never gotten an Oscar. We’ve been nominating her almost continuously since 2005, people!

When Amy Adams was cast in HBO’s upcoming series Sharp Objects, I was floored. First of all, the book is freaky AF, so I couldn’t believe it was being adapted for anything, but more importantly, I knew it would quickly make the list of Amy Adams’ most iconic roles. And here’s the thing: It’s got a lot of competition. There’s hardly a miss on Adams’ résumé. (Except, okay, maybe Cruel Intentions 2 isn’t a winner.) And you might be surprised to hear that in addition to her high-profile roles, she’s also guest starred on cult faves like That ’70s ShowKing of the HillThe West Wing, and Charmed.

Among all these roles, it’s hard to pick a favorite, because Adams does everything, and she does it so well. As likable as she is, she also plays a delightful villain (consider her booze-soaked role in The Wedding Date), and she rocks as tough-as-nails Charlene in The Fighter. She’s amazing in comedies (think Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian), indie films (Sunshine Cleaning), and artsy Oscar-bait (The MasterHer). What can’t she do?

So whether you’re looking for a fix before Sharp Objects comes out, want something to watch after, or need no excuse to appreciate Amy Adams, her are some of her most notable roles.

Drop Dead Gorgeous 

Drop Dead Gorgeous is a black comedy about a Midwestern regional beauty pageant, and it has a cast so good, you’ll have to see it to believe it. In Adams’ first role ever, she plays Leslie Miller. Blonde and absurdly sexual, the cheerleader character could have been so one-note, but Adams’ giggling, buoyant performance is easily one of her best.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

In this Adam McKay and Will Ferrell comedy, Amy Adams plays the role of Susan, a tightly wound and slightly unhinged personal assistant. With glasses and a low ponytail, she’s almost unrecognizable, so take that, everyone who doubted ’90s makeover movies. In this bonkers and only slightly satirical comedy, Adams’ role is oft forgotten, but it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be.

The Office 

You *probably* knew this already, but in case you didn’t: Amy Adams was on The Office. She played Katy, the woman who sells purses in the Season 1 finale, and then appears in Season 2 episodes “The Fire” and “Booze Cruise,” in which she’s dating — and later dumped by — Jim Halpert.

American Hustle 

Adams shines, often literally (Disco ball! Sequins!) as the slinky ’70s con woman. It’s not a perfect movie, but she’s luminous in it.


What happens when storybook characters cross over into the real world, specifically New York City? Here’s what happens: Amy Adams takes a half-animated, half-live action, musical romantic comedy, and somehow transforms it into a must-watch. Adams just sells you on her role of the optimistic, clueless princess. It’s no wonder she gets Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden to go crazy for her.

Catch Me If You Can 

In this real-life story, Adams played the role of Brenda, a young candy striper whom Leonardo DiCaprio’s character falls for…and fraudulently marries. When we first see her, she’s makeup-free, sobbing, and has a mouth full of braces — and falls in love with DiCaprio on sight. Has anything ever been so relatable?

The Muppet Movie 

How dare they take the possibility of a sequel away from Jason Segel, thus depriving audiences of his on-screen chemistry with Adams as Mary! How dare they.



Honorary mention: This cut for time Saturday Night Live sketch that parodies Love, Actually. People also go nuts for her performances in the films Junebug, which was arguably her breakout, and Doubt, but I’m gonna be honest with you: I have never seen those. I also haven’t seen her romantic comedy Leap Year, but considering that Matthew Goode and Adam Scott are in it, I should probably get on that as well. In the end, she’s the best and everything she touches turns to gold. Speaking of which, let’s get her some more awards this year, shall we? It’s time.