Amy Adams opened up about behind-the-scenes realities of awards season

Amy Adams is no stranger to awards season. The talented actress has received and been nominated multiple times in her illustrious career. And she shows no signs of slowing down. Her latest masterpiece, Arrival, wowed audiences everywhere and will likely earn her many more illustrious nominations.

But Amy Adams got real with The New York Times about awards season and how she feels about all the sparkle that surrounds it.

She talked about keeping everything in perspective despite all the hype around you. And she also shared how it can be mind-boggling at times.

Amy had a healthy outlook on the awards themselves.

She told The NYTimes, "It’s easy to get caught up, not in the nominations — not in the reward-award aspect of it, but just in everything that it becomes. The red carpets and the overimportance. It’s easy for that to sort of take center stage in that moment, especially when you’re a young woman. For me, it definitely at times is overwhelming, that whole process."

We can definitely see how getting so much constant attention could get to be too much. And it’d be hard to retain normalcy when your world is filled with all sorts of glamorous parties and huge events.

But Amy doesn’t take for granted the fact that all that hype has been good for her career.

She added, "But I’m always grateful because the nomination for Junebug and campaigning launched what is my current career. So I can’t poo-poo the process."

Of course, we love so much about awards season. But these words are a great reminder to keep everything in perspective.

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