People are ice skating on Amsterdam’s frozen canals, and we want to go to there

It’s really freaking cold in a lot of places around the world today, and we definitely won’t blame you for staying inside with blankets, some adult hot cocoa, and maybe a bottle of wine. It feels like winter has stretched on forever, but now that it’s finally winding down, we kinda love what’s happening in the Netherlands. Apparently, it’s so cold in Amsterdam right now that people are ice skating on the canals, which pretty much rocks our world.

While the East Coast recovers from another freakish bomb cyclone, a rare Arctic storm has brought unusual cold and snow to Europe. Even Rome got hit! The storm is being hailed as “The Beast From The East,” and it’s caused some of the canals in Amsterdam to freeze over for the first time in six years.

This kind of opportunity might even be strong enough to get us outside in the coldest of weather, and the Dutch definitely agree. Locals and tourists took to parts of the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht canals, which froze enough to support the weight of several skaters, and enjoyed the chance to try something new.

“It’s just cool, Noldus Reijnders, one of the skaters capitalizing on the frozen canals, told the Associated Press. “You can go fast and you see the world from a slightly different perspective.

We see some pretty cool things thanks to the internet, but this video of people skating on the Amsterdam canals definitely takes the cake.


However, the rest of the world would like to hilariously remind everyone not to try this at home. Unfortunately, not all frozen canals are safe for skating.

Meanwhile, we’ll just drink our coffee and dream of winter adventures that don’t involve binging Charmed on Netflix. How much is a ticket to Amsterdam these days? We might need to look into it.

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