These amethyst nails look as though they were found in a cave full of gems

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but crystals are majorly in. The beauty industry has incorporated our love of earthly stones into trends and products, which makes a lot of sense because they are beautiful. Whether it be the iridescent ‘geode’ hair color trend taking over L.A. or mesmerizing crystal lip art, people can’t get enough of crystals’ practical magic.

The trend has officially reached new levels with this amethyst nail art by Instagram user and downright MOMA-worthy artist, Nail Job. The polish job called “Amethyst Tinted Salties” is incredibly gorgeous and almost creepily real-looking.

We’re not fully convinced that these nails aren’t actually amethyst stones that have been glued to someone’s finger tips because they look too good to be true. Everyone commenting on Nail Job’s picture of the perfect manicure is begging for tutorials, and we would like to echo that wish because who doesn’t want their nails to look like gorgeous purple crystals?

It turns out that this isn’t the first time Nail Job has created crystallized nails:

One user commented on these iridescent blue nails saying, “Those look like blue opals.” And we agree, because they’re either that or literal unicorn teardrops.

And here’s their take on Himalayan Salt:

All we can do is:

Magical unicorn crystal nails were the natural (no pun intended) beauty trend to follow the rainbow highlighter that we can’t get enough of. We may as well allow our outer beauty to express our inner magic, after all.

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