They SAID America’s Next Top Model was cancelled. They maayyy have been wrong…

We’ve got Tyra Mail!

Congratulations Tyra, you’re still in the running for another season of America’s Next Top Model.

Although the queen of smizing recently announced that the current season of America’s Next Top Model would be its last, it looks like she may have spoke to soon. Tyra might believe “it’s time” but it looks like she’s the only one. But as Teen Vogue reports, rumor has it Ken Mok, the show’s executive producer, has started a bit of a competition of his own. Ken has been shopping around the modeling competition show to streaming TV services, such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix, as well as basic cable channels.

We know Miss Tyra would never completely turn her back on the successful reality series.  She’s expected to remain active in the behind the scenes of future seasons, but as of now, her on-screen involvement isn’t certain.

The successful reality show has spawned a format that has been produced in over 30 countries. And it looks like the American version will still be with us, which is important, because we’re not ready for a life without traumatic makeovers and “booty-tooching“.

So get ready y’all! It looks like the future is full of binge-watchable seasons of ANTM, and we couldn’t be more excited.


ANTM is officially over and done and we can’t stop crying

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