The pizza that’s becoming America’s favorite isn’t what you would expect

Costco is known for its endless samples and large quantities of anything and everything (shout out to Costco’s ginormous pumpkin pie). One thing it’s not known for, however, is pizza. When’s the last time you heard someone say, “You know what I’m in the mood for? Pizza. Let’s go to Costco.” Probably never. Well according to Business Insiderit happens more than we know.

Business Insider reports that the bulk retail giant is one of the largest pizza retailers in the US, and not only because of their pre-made pizzas — it’s all thanks to the food court. Costco sells one slice of pizza for only $1.99, which apparently people are super into. The food court is where all the magic happens.

There’s no question that Costco pizza is delicious, but we just didn’t realize its popularity level. Costco has 482 domestic locations, and since most of Costco’s stores have food courts, Costco was able to sneak right into the number 14 spot for largest pizza chain in the country. Sure, number 14 isn’t in the top 10, but Pizza Hut and Dominos (number one and number two on Pizza Today’s list) each have more than 10,000 stores nation-wide, So in terms of the number of locations, Costco is doing pretty well for itself — it’s even beating California Pizza Kitchen!

All of this talk is really making us want to take a trip to Costco for some pizza (and for some samples of everything else, because duh). Pizza isn’t the only thing Costco has to brag about though. The chain also serves more than four times the amount of hot dogs that all the Major League Baseball stadiums sell per year, by the way.

So yeah, you could say Costco is doing pretty well.

(Featured image via Twitter)