Moving to Canada is not a joke – here’s why many Americans are serious

“I’m moving to Canada” is a phrase that pops up every election year, but this year a whole lot of Americans might actually follow through and move to Canada.

Employment website Monster has released new research that shows Americans are searching for jobs in Canada A LOT more than usual – 58% more, to be exact. And these increased searches likely stem from this horror show of a presidential election.

On Monster’s US website, 30,296 job searches used the keyword “Canada” in 2016 so far, the study claims. That’s up from 19,693 searches in all of 2015.

Monster says most Americans are searching for jobs in Ontario, which earned 7,500 (3,000 of which were in Ontario’s capital, Toronto). Americans are also searching for jobs in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Quebec.

This isn’t the first indication Americas are looking to jump ship. Google data editor Simon Rogers tweeted that searches for “how can I move to Canada” jumped more than 350% on Super Tuesday.

Just because Americans are looking for jobs abroad doesn’t mean they’re taking them. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s a mass exodus after election day.