Netflix just released the trailer for their next great true-crime drama, and we are absolutely shook

Over the last few years, nothing has captivated us quite like true-crime dramas. From podcasts like Serial and S-Town to docu-series like The Keepers and Making a Murderer, amateur sleuths have never been more in demand. But Netflix isn’t through blowing our minds, just yet. Buckle up Nancy Drew and Redditors around the world, because Netflix is about to bring us the next true crime phenomenon: American Vandal.

Meet Dylan Maxwell, a senior at Hanover High School who was expelled for drawing penises on 27 cars in the school’s parking lot. Despite the evidence stacked against him, Maxwell maintains his innocence, and it seems only Peter Maldonado believes him.

But will Maldonado’s investigation prove Maxwell’s innocence, or confirm that the teenager is, in fact, the culprit.

American Vandal is the parody of our obsession with true crime docu-series that we’ve been waiting for. The eight-part mockumentary series is a perfect satire of so many true crime docu-series as it focuses on a crime, the vandalism, an alleged culprit with a lot of evidence against him, and a *whole* lot of shadiness. Much like it’s true-crime predecessors, the trailer is riddled with dramatic statements from interviewees.

“This isn’t about dicks," one person says. "This is about the justice system!

Seeing how Netflix has been a major part of our renewed interest in becoming amateur detectives, we love how meta American Vandal is. The series is a collaboration between Honest Trailers’ Dan Perrault and CollegeHumor alum Tony Yacenda so we’re positive it’ll be a hit.

We guess we’ll have to wait and find out who *actually* drew the dicks when American Vandal begins streaming on Netflix on September 15th.

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