5 things we’re still talking about after last night’s American Music Awards

The American Music Awards were last night, and it would be impossible to have all of our favorite people in one place without some seriously amazing things going down. Everyone was out to impress, whether it was with their performances or their outfits, but we’ve rounded up some of the extra OMG-worthy moments below:

1. Meghan Trainor and Charlie Pugh getting up close and personal. The two pop stars performed their most recent singles, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” and “Marvin Gaye” on stage, and of course they were amazing, but what got everyone talking was the finale. The two punctuated their performance with a kiss, and not just a peck on the cheek. This was a full-on smoochfest, but a rep told Entertainment Weekly the two are still “just friends.”

2. Ariana Grande’s heartbreaking acceptance speech. When Ariana Grande won Best Female Pop/Rock Artist of the Year, we were excited, but not surprised. Grande has been killing it both on stage and off, dropping as much wisdom as she has music. Last night, she dropped some feels, tearing up in her acceptance speech as she thanked her grandmother, who was in the audience. “I didn’t even think about this part!” she exclaimed, wiping away her tears. But she should have, because as she explained in her speech, her grandmother (affectionately referred to as Nonna) told her, “I voted for you, so now you’ll win.” And that was that.

3. This amazing Pentatonix Star Wars tribute. Pretty much anything Pentatonix touches turns to into beautiful, shiny a capella goodness, so when they came on stage for a Star Wars tribute, we knew we were in for something good.


4.Nicki Minaj reacting to people reacting to her reaction to J. Lo’s awesome dance (whew)The Internet is buzzing with some (sigh) rumored Nicki-shade being thrown last night when Jennifer Lopez starting dancing to “Anaconda” on stage. Minaj, classy as ever, didn’t fan the flames and shut it all down. What’s going on behind those mysterious eyes?  

According to Nicki, nothing, who responded with this when a fan tweeted at her about the moment:

Way to shut it down. Now let’s pay MORE attention to the fact that Nicki was one of the night’s big winners (she took home two awards!).

5. The winners! Then, of course, there were all the amazing trophy-earners (the big ones being our girl Minaj, T-Swift and One Direction), who we loved seeing get recognition for their hard work over the past year.  

Now, on to 2016!

(Image via American Music Awards/ E screenshot)