Here’s the *one* thing we’re not talking about when it comes to “American Horror Story”

If it feels like you’re completely buried under American Horror Story spoilers, speculation, and theories, you’re not alone. The sixth season of the anthology season managed to stay (mostly) a secret before it premiered, and since then, over the last five episodes it has thrown us SO MANY THINGS. Murderous nurses, immortal bloodthirsty colonial settlers, whatever the heck is happening with Lady Gaga, and now an apparent ~twist~ that’s going to somehow involve the behind-the-scenes production crew. But through all of this, there’s one thing we’re not talking about: Where is Flora?


We obviously know where Flora is during her time at the Murde House: First, she’s with Lee, Matt, and Shelby, and then she’s with the ghosts on the land, and then she’s safe and sound. And okay, that’s cool and all, but where is she during the “My Roanoke Nightmare” portion of the show? Why doesn’t Flora have a Talking Head? 

Considering we've seen a random Uber Driver:

And now an historian:


You’d THINK we would have seen a Talking Head for Flora. But…no. It’s such a small little thing, you might not have even realized we haven’t seen her yet. “And besides, she’s a kid!” You yell, and yes, you’re right. But obviously this “documentary” is being shot in the future, so Flora would be older, and probably capable of answering a few on-screen questions. But instead she’s MIA.

Reddit has some theories about this, because of course Reddit has some theories about American Horror Story. Some speculate that Flora is actually still with The Butcher, and now Matt, and Lee, are going to lure the “My Roanoke Nightmare” camera crew back to the land so The Butcher can claim all her blood; other theories suggest that Flora actually died, and she’s a ghost, and “My Roanoke Nightmare” is trying to cover up her death.

And then there are theories that Flora doesn't exist at all!!

Oh boy. Might the big twist involve some startling revelation about Flora? Or did AHS simply forget to give Flora a Talking Head of her own for My Roanoke Nightmare? Or, once again, are we just spending way too much time obsessing over one *tiny* little AHS details??