Sarah Paulson has been marked by the killer in the trailer for next week’s “American Horror Story”

As if last night’s episode of American Horror Story wasn’t terrifying enough, here’s more nightmare fuel: the trailer for the *next* episode of American Horror Story.

In the trailer for “Neighbors From Hell,” we see a woman and man — who we have yet to meet — being attacked by that pesky group of clowns. But they aren’t just attacked. No, no, no, they suffer a much worse fate than that. The clowns force the pair into separate coffins, and appear to lock them inside for who knows how long.

Um, we’re officially horrified. Dark, confined spaces? Yeah, we don’t think so.

But wait, there’s more: Someone painted a smiley face on the door of Ally, Ivy, and Oz’s home, which doesn’t bode well as Harrison points out.

"You've been marked by the killer," he says.

* GULP *

They have very good reason to be frightened of the mark.

Because in the same trailer, we see what looks like a body being removed from a house that also seems to have the mark on it. “What they found has left law enforcement frightened,” a reporter says. What’s more, we saw that mark painted in the Chang family’s home. The Changs are, of course, the couple who died in an apparent “murder-suicide.”

And there’s a lot more bananas stuff where that came from. Ally confronts someone and asks, “Who are you?!” When she removes that person’s mask, another is underneath — and that mask has the fear-inducing smiley face on it. YIKES. Kai also meets with Meadow, and asks if she’s afraid. DOUBLE YIKES.

Not to mention, Detective Samuels asks Ivy if Ally has shown any recent signs of psychosis. So, is this happening inside Ally’s head, or what the hell is going on?!

Here’s to finding out more when the next episode of American Horror Story airs on FX on Tuesday.