This popular “American Horror Story: Roanoke” theory was *probably* just shot down


Just when you *think* you’ve figured out what American Horror Story is doing, it goes and throws a curve ball at you. Or, in the case of Roanoke, it throws a meat cleaver at you. Spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of this season, “Chapter Four.”

Last week, we wrote about a REALLY GOOD theory explaining how this season is going to tie together with the other seasons of AHS. Basically, the long and the short of it is that the past three episodes have directly corresponded with a prior AHS season. So, Episode 1 was all about the new spooky house, and that related back to Murder House. Episode 2 showed us murderous nurses, just like in Asylum. Then with Episode 3, we actually got some witchcraft, and we were all like, “OMG, COVEN!!”

Going along with this theory, Episode 4 should have featured some freaks. Except…that didn’t happen. We didn’t see Elsa Mars, or Jimmy Darling (or ANY EVAN PETERS) and no one had two heads.

There was certainly a small reference to Freak Show, and that happened when we learned that Edward Philipe Mott actually built the house. If you need a quick Freak Show refresher, that season featured Gloria and Dandy Mott. We learned that Mr. Mott had committed suicide some time ago. The Edward Mott here is NOT Dandy’s dad, since Edward built the Murde House in the 1700s…and we don’t know what happened to him after that.

We do know that at some point this season, we’ll learn the history of the Mott family, but it hasn’t happened yet and it certainly didn’t happen during “Chapter 4.” So, might this REALLY GOOD theory be nothing more than a REALLY GOOD theory? Should we go ahead and cross this each-episode-corresponds-with-a-season theory off our giant AHS theory board, or might “Chapter 5” change that?

And if this REALLY GOOD theory isn’t the twist, then what is??