This “American Horror Story” theory perfectly connects the seasons AND explains the number 6


American Horror Story: Spoilers.

Last week, we discovered a REALLY GOOD theory that actually made sense when it comes to whatever the heck is happening on Roanoke right now: Episodes 1-5 of this season with correspond with a prior AHS season, al leading up to the ~big twist~ in Episode 6.

We actually had proof this was happening!! Episode 1 was all about the new spooky house, Episode 2 had murderous nurses, and Episode 3 gave us a little bit of witchcraft. We were all excited for freaks to show up in Episode 4….except that didn’t happen. Not exactly. There were the *tiniest* allusions to Freak Show, but not so much that this REALLY GOOD theory still feels like it’ll come true.

But what happens if the episodes aren't corresponding with the overall prior seasons, and instead, the sixth episode from each season??

In a Reddit post from apple_martini, they compare Roanoke’s Pricilla to Asylum’s Jenny (who murdered her whole family, but that’s not the point here). Jenny showed up in the 6th episode of Asylum. Going back to first season of Murder House, the sixth episode there was “Piggy Piggy.” The sixth episode of Coven was when they had a seance, and contacted the Axman, and oh my god.

The post was written TWO DAYS before “Chapter 4” aired, and it correctly guessed that the Mott Family would in fact come up. The sixth episode of Freak Show had Gloria Mott telling Dandy not to reproduce, and in Roanoke, we learned that Dandy’s great-great(great-great-great?) grandfather actually built the Murde House. Once again, a sixth episode connection.


Check out the full Reddit post below. If we’re to believe this new theory, that means next week….we’ll learn about someone’s secret demon baby? IDK, that’s what happened during the sixth episode of Hotel, “Room 33,” so stay tuned.

Not just past seasons, but past ~6th episodes~ from AmericanHorrorStory