The house in “American Horror Story: Roanoke” might be directly connected to “Coven”

We’re only two episodes into this season of American Horror Story and already we’ve got a few pretty BONKERS – and by BONKERS, we totally mean “well thought out and totally legit” – theories brewing on what exactly is going on with this apparently ~Roanoke-themed~ season.

So far, many of the theories have been totally plausible, but largely disconnected. To take one recent example – we’ve written about how the documentary-style format may not exactly be what it seems. Specifically, there’s a theory that the perspectives are swapped – Talking Head Matt and Shelby are actors, while the supposed dramatic re-enactment actors are actual the real Matt and Shelby. We also came up with a theory for who Evan Peters might be playing (hint: it’s all in the red hair).

But this season’s been all about the interconnectedness so far – both subtle allusions to prior seasons that only eagle-eyed AHS fans have caught onto, and more overt links, like the one that Ryan Murphy himself announced about a certain unnervingly cute Freak Show psychopath‘s connection to “Roanoke.”

The show's been laying it on pretty thick with the overt "Murder House" allusions, but now, a few theories are coming together to connect the actually probs-haunted house owned by Shelby and Matt with another season – "Coven."


We’ve already talked about the (ACTUALLY SUPER CONVINCING) theory that Shelbs might (knowingly or unknowingly) be a witch. But now, a few creative Redditors have introduced the possibility that the house itself has a witchy lineage.

Before Episode 2 had aired, Redditor TheMightyWoofer posted about the idea that the actual house the Millers purchased – which now seems to be the nexus of all kinds of supernatural tomfoolery – could be an abandoned witches’ coven house.

This poster recalls that, back in the beginning of the third season, "Coven" established that at one point there were many covens all over the country, but that attacks against the witches had driven many covens out (or killed them off) and the witch lines had, for the most part, died out. This left Miss Robichaux's Academy, the central location of Season 3, as one of the only remaining covens left.

But what if the Roanoke house was itself once a coven’s headquarters, before they were driven out by something?

This is actually a genius idea and could be a brilliant way to link every single season together. Perhaps this creepy house doesn’t just have murder-happy nurse ghosts and possibly inter-dimensional and/or time-traveling Roanoke colonists. Maybe it actually has, at some point or another, housed every single type of supernatural threat we’ve seen in past seasons of AHS.

Think about the major threats of the past years: Season 1 was all murderous ghosts. Season 2 was demonic possession and more murder (and aliens, but let’s not get into that). Season 3 was witches, Season 4 (notoriously the least supernatural/magical of the seasons) was human murder again, Season 5 was vampires.

We’ve covered murder in the form of those nurses – maybe now we’ll also see demons, witches, and even vampires in the house?!


Basically, this would be a super-sized, super meta way to connect all of the various themes we’ve seen. It would also totally fit with the seemingly random and disconnected teaser promos that we got bombarded with all summer long – this house is chock full of literally all of the American horror one could possibly imagine.

And I’m not the only person to think the various series evils are all interconnected – Caitlin Busch over at Inverse suggested that there’s an overarching evil “dark magic” theme linking all of the seasons, paving the way for a “cursed land story” in Season 6. Who’s to say that the house Shelby and Matt unwittingly bought (and specifically, the land it was built on) isn’t Ground Zero for all the evil there ever was?