The latest teaser for “American Horror Story: Cult” actually comes with a warning, so watch at your own risk

Just when you thought things like clowns, bees, and puzzles were safe to deal with, think again! American Horror Story: Cult has now added PUZZLES into the list of things we should fear when it comes to Season 7, and you might never look at jigsaws the same way.

The teaser for Week 5 of the big AHS: Cult countdown is finally here, and navigating over to, you’re once again presented with a fast-moving, disjointed video. This one literally tells you to think twice before watching it. And you know what, I’m going to say the same thing here — WARNING: This video contains fast flashing images. It may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

I watched it, and I feel fine, but I am hella uncomfortable now. Mostly because one of the sounds SURE SOUNDS LIKE THE DENTIST. Oh gosh, AHS, don’t me even more afraid of getting my teeth cleaned. false

This video, once again, gives us an overload of clowns and bees. But now, it also includes wolves, maggots, that moment when you can’t get the cable to work on your TV and you just get static bars, rats, candles, and yes, bloody teeth.

Watching through the whole video then brings you to the “locked content,” where we’re given a glimpse of some new AHS masks. As in, clown masks. This is where the puzzles come in:


Cool, I wanted to have nightmares tonight. And this is just one of the four new and terrifying clown masks that we’ll see during Cult.

This will certainly hold us over through the weekend, and because we’ve bravely suffered handled all of these teasers, according to Mr. Ryan Murphy himself, the intro for Cult will be released on Monday. false

Hey, at least we already have something to look forward to next week.