It’s been officially confirmed that this one actor won’t pop up in “American Horror Story” Season 7

We don’t know a whole lot about American Horror Story Season 7, and Ryan Murphy seems to enjoy keeping it that way. The series is shrouded in mystery and fans have been trying their best to connect the dots.

We do know that the series is going to focus on the 2016 Presidential Election, and that Evan Peters has blue hair. But unfortunately, it turns out that one of our favorite rumors is nothing more than Fake News.

We hate to break it to you, but Bates Motel star Vera Farmiga will not appear on American Horror Story Season 7.

Many thought she’d nab a spot, but Entertainment Weekly reports that she won’t be joining the cast.

Now, we know American Horror Story is going to be awesome. It’s consistently the creepiest show on TV, but this is devastating! We wanted Farmiga so badly (Hello, have you seen that Reddit thread?).

Not to mention, there’s a family connection.

Farmiga’s little sister Taissa has already appeared in three seasons of the show. She was in Murder House, Coven,and Roanoke. AND, Farmiga is also basically a horror queen. Her role in The Conjuring is emotional and scary — all the best features of a scream queen. Plus, again, there’s Bates Motel.

Though Farmiga isn’t a part of the cast, AHS still has some of our faves, like Sarah Paulson, Adina Porter, and Evan Peters. Then there’s first-timer Billy Eichner! AHS Season 7 premieres this fall, and we’re counting down the days, bad Vera Farmiga news aside.