Ryan Murphy just revealed the theme for “American Horror Story” Season 7 and it is a DOOZY

LOL. remember way back when, in 2016, when we were living through the nightmare that was the long, drawn out lead-up to November’s Presidential Election? Fun times, right? Well, how’d you like to relive it again — but as a season of American Horror Story?

In what is most certainly the strangest (and a little too ON THE NOSE) theme so far, American Horror Story mastermind Ryan Murphy has spilled that he’s got the theme for Season 7 all figured out.

The theme is the 2016 Presidential Election.

We’re pretty sure he’s not joking about this, but we’ve been wrong before when it comes to American Horror Story.

While Murphy has usually saved the theme’s ~big reveal~ for PaleyFest in the spring (except for last year when he was like HA IT IS GOING TO BE A SURPRISE!), while stopping by Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asks if there is any AHS news to report. It seems like Andy is just asking to ask, not even expecting Murphy to reveal any sort of details.

But, turns out Murphy does have a lot to reveal:

“I don’t have a title, but the season that we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election that we just went through, Murphy explains. “I think that will be interesting for a lot of people.


We’re shocked. TBH, Andy in the video looks shocked, because he was clearly not expecting that to happen. All he can muster up is a bemused, “Wow.” He goes to cut back to a call from a viewer before he cuts that off and turns back to Murphy asking, “Will there be like, a Trump in it?”

Ryan’s answer: “Maybe.”

This is a lot to process. This is maybe TOO much to processes. We finally just got faux-documentary Roanoke out of our nightmares, and now we’ve got something new to fret over — and it is literally the 2016 Election all over again. 

Before we start freaking out, Murphy could simply be joking (even though we’re not really sure why he would joke about something like this, because OUR HEARTS), and the upcoming season could simply be based on the election. Murphy could easily create a completely fictitious storyline, that just happens to closely mirror the Horror of 2016.

Or he was reading AHS cast member Cheyenne Jackson’s Twitter on November 8th and saw this tweet and thought “omg, good idea.” false

Season 7 starts shooting this summer, with an expected premiere date sometime in the early fall. Guess now we patiently wait for any and all details about what kind of political ghost Evan Peters is sure to play.