You might want to sit down for this, because Ryan Murphy has revealed the theme of “American Horror Story” Season 7

It’s finally happened. Ryan Murphy has revealed the theme of American Horror Story Season 7, and oh, boy we are in for a treat.

JK, did I say treat? I mean nightmare. Then again, this is American Horror Story we’re talking about, and that’s to be expected.

Earlier this year, AHS Czar Murphy dropped literally out of the blue on Watch What Happens Live that Season 7 would revolve around the 2016 Presidential Election. While we know that much about the season, he’s been pretty coy with everything else — including exactly what “being about the 2016 Presidential Election” means. Also Evan Peters has blue hair, something we’re both equally excited and confused about.

So now, after a long wait — and and with still quite some time before the season premiers — the theme is here. Are you ready?

American Horror Story: Cult.

Those looking for any sort of answers right now, I literally have none.!!

Thursday night, out on the water next to San Diego Comic-Con, FX revealed the theme and the first teaser for the season. In the most extra way possible — and honestly, we’d expect nothing less from Mr. Murphy — we got a small fountain show. Literally, a fountain. The first teaswer was projected onto that, as the crowd for the morning’s SDCC Hall H panels watched on. Not a bad crowd to debut a teaser.

“Do you ever feel alone?” An ominous voice, while we see images of lots of clowns in groups — clearly, a cult — go marching on. The video asks us to join them, and no thanks. But! We will certainly be watching AHS: Cult when it premieres sometime in the fall.

Now how does Evan Peters with blue hair fit into this? Right now, your guess is as good as mine