Let’s not forget that Ryan Murphy has already teased “American Horror Story” Season 7 will have “Freak Show” characters

The other day, Ryan Murphy dropped a huge American Horror Story bombshell, and it was the theme reveal heard ’round the world. AHS Season 7 will be themed to the 2016 Presidential Election — though none of us are exactly sure HOW this is going to work right now.

Will Murphy pull real life people from the election for this new Horror Story, or will characters just be BASED on real life people? Will the season actually be based on actual events, or, like how Roanoke was “based on real events” will the story be inverted for Murphy’s own twisted pleasure? [whispers] Will someone actually be murdered?? Will Evan Peters once again play a ghost, and now like, a political ghost this time?


This season is already giving us a headache, and there’s one BIG thing we’re forgetting: Murphy has previously already teased that Season 7 will feature Freak Show characters.

Talking in early January at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, Murphy stated that Season 7 will be set “modern day.” Talking even earlier than that, back in October, Murphy announced that Season 7 wouldn’t have a “secret theme” and that it would involve characters from Freak Show.

At the time, this sounded like a hella great idea. Murphy didn’t elaborate as to just how Freak Show characters would come back into play, and now with the reveal of the theme for Season 7 we are seriously scratching our heads.

It is widely known that all season of AHS are ~somehow~ connected together and all along, Season 7 was never supposed to break this mold. It’s assumed that Season 7 will connect to everything else, but just like


is Elsa Mars’ Freak Show going to come back into play?

Right now, nothing adds up. Nothing make sense. Glad that even after seven seasons AHS hasn’t changed one bit.