The new theory about “American Horror Story” season 6 is blowing our minds

To say that American Horror Story season 6 has been shrouded in mystery is a giant understatement, because the logo was the most cryptic thing we’ve ever seen. Showrunner Ryan Murphy did let slip that the season would include “elements of children,” but that’s still super vague.

Thankfully, our friends at PopSugar came up with this super-intense theory (Warning: it’s pretty mind-boggling.) But basically it boils down to something really spooky. Let’s dive in, OK?

So, the show’s now in its 6th season, and the super cryptic logo of a number 6/question mark hybrid was revealed in June this year, which is the 6th month. That equates to 666, right? Simple enough. Hang on a sec though, that means that the new season will center around the devil!

When you think about it in terms more than numbers, the theory actually makes sense. The first season saw Sarah Paulson’s character (and manicure icon) Billie Dean Howard explain how the Antichrist will enter the world: a child created from the union of a human and a spirit.

And at the end of the season, Vivien (Connie Britton) gives birth to a boy who’s hinted at being the child of the devil. He’s the result of the Rubber Man—aka Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) raping Viven—and all throughout her pregnancy, we saw there was just something off about it all. And then there was that time when as a toddler, this kid killed his babysitter. Soooo, yeah, not exactly not evil.


We all know that Murphy loves to not only explore deep, troubling themes in the show, but find complex relationships between the seasons as well.

If nothing else, we should prepare ourselves for the end of the world, because it seems like the new season is going to be extremely hard-hitting. Really, how could it not be?

Of course it will also have Murphy’s signature humor, and it’s that versatility of switching between horror and hilarity that is one of the reasons why we’re so obsessed with the show.

Ryan Murphy: feel free to confirm this theory!