“American Horror Story” has confirmed, one of these six promos is the theme for Season 6 — but which one??

We’re finally getting answers about the upcoming season of American Horror Story. Sort of.

Right now, there are about 967 AHS Season 6 promos in existence — ok, that’s a joke, there’s only 12. But none of them relate to one another, and none of them really make much sense, and that’s the point. AHS is deliberately releasing extra trailers for this season, in hopes of keeping us guessing about the theme until the very last second.

But, they have gone ahead and narrowed down the trailers to only SIX. Six for Season 6, get it? One of the six trailers we’ve already seen will in fact be the real theme for what’s coming up next with AHS. Here they are:







Oh yes. That narrows it down a whole lot (no, that was sarcasm).

While you continue to pull your hair out over this, and curse the AHS gods, here’s something else to consider: The wording on the AHS website states that that one of these six “will be represented in the premiere episode.” Not necessarily represented for the whole season, just the premiere episode.

Even though AHS is giving us a tiny bit more information, it still might be trying to throw us off. The premiere episode could follow one theme, and the rest of the season might still be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Just AHS food for thought.

Oh, and if you correctly guess the theme, you’ll be entered in to win A BRAND NEW CAR!!!!! For real. You can try and guess the AHS season and enter into the car contest here. And while a car sounds cool and all, tbh, we really just want to know the theme of this new season. That’s prize enough for us.