Clear your schedule, we know when “American Horror Story” is coming back

Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel and now…? It’s anyone’s guess what the next season of American Horror Story will be about, and currently the only clue we have is a question mark. Really! That’s it! Last week the AHS twitter revealed the first logo image for the upcoming season, and it was the number 6 — for the sixth season — and it looked suspiciously like an upside down question mark.

Question marks, so scary right now.


While we might not know anything about the new season, we at least know when we’ll be able to watch it. FX announced earlier today that

AHS: Question Mark will return Wednesday September 14th, 2016.

Earlier this year, showrunner Ryan Murphy mentioned that this new season will involve “elements of children” and that he’s “working on two ideas at once, which [the show has] never done [before].

Well. That’s a whole lot of NOTHING to go on. Many of the other seasons have included “elements of children” too! Murphy then added that that the season will be “set in two time periods but principally in the present.” Cool! So have ALL THE OTHERS, TOO.

American Horror Story, messing with our minds and our souls 71 days before it even premieres.

And bummer news, with these “children elements” guess this means that we’re not getting cast member Evan Peter’s stand out idea of AHS: In Space. Season 7, perhaps?