Um, you guys: This “American Horror Story” Season 6 clue is giving us all the chills

The sixth season of American Horror Story has so far been very mysterious. Since showrunner Ryan Murphy let slip that it would involve “elements of children,” there have been given a handful of clues involving number 6 designs, deserted fields, baby fetuses in jars, a morgue, glowing eyes, then there was that theory that the theme would center around the devil

And now, actual pictures have surfaced from the set in Santa Clarita! According to TMZ, they show the cast on a “colonial-era farm” in “pilgrim-era” clothing. Okay, that’s a good clue, we’ll take that.

But here’s the kicker: the word “Croatoan” is etched into a tree.

If you remember all the way back to season 1, this was the word that Violet kept reciting when she was trying to evict some of the other ghosts in Murder House, and one that medium Billie Dean Howard taught her. It also relates to the Roanoke, a European colony in North Carolina who disappeared in the 16th century, and the only clue found was the word “Croatoan” carved into a tree.

Little is known about what happened to the Roanokes who vanished, though there are various theories about their fate. MYSTERIOUS, to say the least.

Sooooooo maybe the new season will center around an abandoned colony? The mere thought of children disappearing is seriously terrifying, but we have to remember, this is television, and the scares are only make-believe. Still, we’re feeling the scares already…

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Either way, it’s going to be creepy beyond our wildest imagination. The show returns September 14th, so soon we will have ALL the answers.