The New ‘American Horror Story’ Teaser Has Us Even More Confused About What to Expect

Okay, those aliens definitely have us spooked.

The premiere of American Horror Story Season 10 is less than a month away, and even with the latest teaser trailer, we still genuinely have no idea what to expect from Double Feature. Is Ryan Murphy ever planning on clueing us in here? Truthfully, probably not—this isn’t our first rodeo with trying to figure out AHS before it premieres.

In the teaser trailer, we see imagery from both parts of the upcoming season—Part 1, Red Tide, and Part 2, Death Valley—and where they meet. It involves the ocean, the desert, aliens, and some pretty disturbing sea creatures…and absolutely no explanation whatsoever.

Here’s the video in full:

So what do we know about Double Feature? So far, we know that we’re basically getting two seasons in one, and that stars like Macaulay Culkin have signed on to Season 10, along with returning cast members Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Evan Peters, among many other fan favorites.

A new poster has also been released for the season ahead, which doesn’t answer any of our questions, but is pretty cool (and creepy) to look at.

Fans on Twitter, as to be expected, are spouting off their own theories and trying to figure out how aliens might come into play. They also seem to be stoked for two stories to merge into one—which we’re also pretty curious to see.

The bad news: Murphy’s not exactly spilling any details, so it sounds like we’ll have to wait for the show to premiere to finally find out what it’s all about. And do those aliens have anything to do with Asylum? We need answers!

AHS: Double Feature premieres on FX on August 25th. In the meantime you can watch the AHS companion show, American Horror Stories, on Hulu. It’s independent episodes within the world of AHS—like the first episode pair that took place at Murder House from Season 1. The second American Horror Stories episode featured some iconic actors from the original show, too.

We’re all really just living in one big American Horror Story world at this point, and we’re pretty sure Murphy wouldn’t have it any other way. We can’t wait to see what August 25th brings.

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