Start screaming, *both* Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will star in “American Horror Story” Season 7

The powers that be behind American Horror Story have smiled down upon us once again. Though Season 7 of the FX anthology show is still very far away from us right now (think: sometime fall 2017), the next installment is already starting to shape up, and quite nicely, too. According to American Horror Story Czar himself, Ryan Murphy, both Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson have signed onto the next season.

YASSSSS x a billion.

There was never really a doubt in our mind that these two wouldn’t return for the next season of the show, seeing as how they’ve both been involved since the very beginning (Evan has starred in every season, while Sarah was a guest star in Season 1 but has been a main cast member every since). Of course they’re coming back for more. We’re nowhere near our Ghost Evan Peters quota!

While talking at the Television Critics Association press tour, Mr. Murphy teased a little bit as to what we’ll see when Season 7 kicks off. According to him, it is set “modern-day” (lol, so was Roanoke, Ryan). And, his circle of AHS trust is quite small right now:

“There are only three people who know what season 7 is about, Murphy explained. “[Studio executive] Dana Walden, [FX president] John Landgraf, and Sarah Paulson."

Sure sounds like Sarah is very excited about this:

It sounds like that’s all we’re going to hear from the AHS front for a while —  because, it sure sounds like they’re going to keep it top secret, just like they did with Roanoke, and BIG SIGH — but still, go ahead and get excited. Let’s also go ahead and crown Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson the reigning king and queen of AHS. They deserve it.