The latest episode of “American Horror Story” took a surprise twist into “Psycho” territory

Just when you think American Horror Story can’t do anything else to really freak you out it does…well, that.

What exactly is that? There are spoilers ahead for the latest episode of American Horror Story: Cult, “Holes.” The episode starts off with Ally complaining about seeing holes again (this time, holes actually on her, in her flesh, and eek), but it then takes a sharp turn toward exploring the backstory of the titular cult in Cult. Surprise, as we kinda guessed all along, Evan Peters’ Kai Anderson is behind the clown masks — as is mostly everyone else we’ve met on the show.

Winter? Beverly? Harrison? Meadow? Ivy? All regular humans by day, murderous clowns by night. Watching these clowns “work” is all kinds of disturbing, and take a seat, because it gets even worse.

Toward the end of the episode, Beverly (played by returning AHS fave, Adina Porter) wants to know why Kai is like this. Why is he leading this cult, running for office, and instilling fear throughout the community? Beverly is onto the fact that Kai is telling everyone a different backstory, and she finally wants the truth. What triggered Kai to do this?


There are a few parts to this. For starters, we learn that Kai’s father was in a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, and turned him verbally and physically abusive toward Kai’s mother. Not wanting to deal with that anymore, Kai’s mother kills his dad, and then turns the gun on herself. Kai witnesses the whole thing, and yes, that’s enough to turn someone to the dark side.

But it gets worse. Not knowing what to do with his parents’ bodies, Kai calls his older brother who is — WAIT FOR IT —Dr. Rudy Vincent, aka Ally’s therapist. Well, that is a surprise twist. Surely the older brother of this family will make the right and humane call when it comes to his parents, right?

Wrong. Fearing that if they report the death of their parents, they’ll lose out on their dad’s disability check (which is paying for Winter to go to college), along with having to pay a “death tax,” Rudy suggests they just keep the bodies. And keep the bodies in the bedroom, cover them with lye, and let them decompose. If you’re freaked out, just think about Winter returning home to find these decomposing bodies.

The story should end there, but it does not, because Kai confesses that he often goes in to talk to the decomposing body of his father, and hopes that he’s making him “proud.” While Kai hasn’t taken on his father’s persona (OR HAS HE?) this is some real Psycho shit, you guys. American Horror Story went there.

Now that we know the truth about the Anderson (/Vincent) family, this only raises the question: Might Rudy be the big bad here, pulling all the strings, and THE main psychotic clown? Ally is certainly going to freak the F out when she finds out.