“American Horror Story” is doing a pop-up event this Friday, but please don’t go dressed as a scary clown

Attention, Philadelphia residents (and those willing to travel): We have a very unique way for you to spend your Friday night. Don’t have plans yet, and looking to be scared out of your mind? PERFECT, because American Horror Story is going to drop some secrets.

And honestly, what better way to kickoff your weekend?

As revealed on its interactive website, American Horror Story will hold an event in Philadelphia on Friday, August 11th, starting at 7 p.m. and located at Dilworth Park. It promises that “AHS secrets will be revealed,” and we want to know ~all~ the secrets.

You can also see that video here: false

But what kind of secrets are we talking about here?

Sure, that defeats the purpose of a secret, but we’re so curious to know if the reveals will be about the show itself, or if this event will act as a sort of “cult” meeting.

After all, the theme for Season 7 is American Horror Story: Cult, and the website is a “recruitment” effort. So it seems possible that the event could feature a bunch of scary clowns trying to get you to join them.

Our advice? Don’t go dressed as a scary clown (or do, but run the risk of scaring the bejeezus out of everyone around you), and share all the secrets because we’re dying to know!

News of this pop-up event arrives just as the website also posted a couple portions from the Season 7 script, speaking of very scary things. So give that a read (if you dare) to get you psyched for the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult on September 5th on FX.