The Pig Man was finally unmasked on “American Horror Story” and seriously WTF

Out of all the bad guys, ghosts, and demons this season on American Horror Story: Roanoke, one has stood out above the others: The Pig Man. He’s been so downright terrifying because this whole time, we had no idea who was underneath the pig head. Was he a man — like, a real man? Was he a ghost? Was he just a figment of all our collective imagination to seriously freak us out? Well, during “Chapter 8” the Pig Man was finally revealed, and the dude underneath the snout is not who we were expecting.

The ~origin~ story of the Pig Man is explained early on in the episode. According to Finn Wittrock’s Jether Polk, the Pig Man is actually a Polk family member, who wanted fame and glory so he put on a pig’s head and started killing people and soon found himself on TV. The Polk family is very jealous, because they all want to be on TV, too, and yes, the Polk family is very weird. I can say that.

During the episode, the Pig Man attacks Dominic and Shelby, and then attacks Lee and Audrey (who have made it back into the house). Then the Pig Man kills Dominic, after Lee and Audrey refuse to let him stay in the bathroom with them.

The next morning, after everyone has survived the night, Lee and Audrey venture downstairs to head outside — and hopefully to safety — when they come face to face with the Pig Man again!! AHHHHH!!


Except, that’s not the Pig Man. That’s Gillian.

Or, Dylan…? With Audrey’s accent, it’s very hard to tell what name she yells. Whatever his name, that’s Wes Bentley underneath the pig head.


Okay. First, how dare you make Wes Bentley and his beautiful hair and beard wear a pig head, American Horror Story. Second, WTF. But like seriously. What da fuq.

The only logical explanation (and lol, logical explanation trying to explain a Pig Man) is that Sidney hired this Gillian/Dylan — an actor — to come back for “Return to Roanoke.” First time around he played the Butcher’s son, Ambrose, and now he’s playing the Pig Man to add some ~dramatic~ and ~scary~ flair to the production

This also means that there’s obviously another very real, and very dangerous, man wandering around the Roanoke house wearing a pig head, and he’s already killed Dominic. Gillian/Dylan should be very worried — and so should everyone else!!