“American Horror Story: Roanoke” just gave us the *most* terrifying moment of the season

The American Horror Story: Roanoke twist is here, but that’s not what everyone is going to be talking about when it comes “Chapter 6.”

Spoiler warning, and also SCARY PIG warning.

The twist establishes that yes, we are going to see the behind-the-scenes documentary crew. But more pressing, this is now the sequel to “My Roanoke Nightmare” and everyone is being sent back to the Roanoke house. Everyone, being the “real” people, and also the actors who portrayed them during the “My Roanoke Nightmare” series.

Before this group of (unlucky) participants show up, the production crew has to set everything up for them, from the house, to the grounds, to the hidden cameras scattered throughout. Everything is being run by Sidney, the producer we’ve heard a few times before because he’s the mysterious voice behind the camera. He’s got another producer at his side, Diana. She is so not okay with going back to Roanoke, and after there’s an accident on set that results in a crew member’s death, she decides she is d-o-n-e. 

Diana gets in her car and drives away. As she does, she stars to record a statement on her phone, basically stating that she knows some weird shit is happening on Roanoke, and someone has to hear her side of the story.

As she’s driving, she sees a mysterious figure off to the side of the road. It looks like one of those murderous Roanoke settlers!


Diane is like “time to get the F out of here” but before she can drive away, she is attached from behind BY THE PIG MAN.


What’s so scary (and STRESSFUL) about this moment is that you know something is going to happen, but you’re not sure what is going to happen. The suspense that builds is INSANE, and the fact that the Pig Man comes from behind her — and he’s been in the car the whole time!! — is almost too much to handle.

Twitter just about lost it:

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There was so much screaming:



Everyone has some new feelings about driving:

So go ahead and raise your hand if you slept will all the lights on last night…and also triple checked your car for pigs this morning.