13 moments from the penultimate episode of “American Horror Story” that made me go, “oh hell no”

Have you been watching American Horror Story: Cult? I have! Because I love American Horror Story and I guess I will follow it to the brink of sheer story insanity and back. However, the thing about this season is that it is even more batshit insane than the rest, and not in, like, a fun American Horror Story way. I can totally deal with mutant ghosts and aliens and scary AF clowns. Can I deal with death inside a Planned Parenthood? Not so much.

The season is winding down — there’s only one more episode left! — so I guess I’m here to tell you about all the moments during the latest episode of Cult, “Charles (Manson) in Charge,” that made me say out loud to myself, in my empty apartment at 11 p.m. while watching the episode and drinking a cup of tea because I’m cultured like that, “OH HELL NO.”

Here are those OH HELL NO American Horror Story moments. Enjoy!

1. While watching the last 2016 presidential debate with her friends, Winter and Kai get into a fight, and it ends with Kai slapping one of Winter’s friends in a totally uncalled for moment.

2. American Horror Story finally does what it’s been trying to do since like, Season 1 — the Manson Murders. And of course they did the Manson Murders in the most graphic way possible.

3. Our AHS faves, like Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and even Billie Lourd, are playing members of the Manson Family, because everyone is pulling multiple character duty this season.

4. I take a brief moment for myself to go back to happier times, before Roanoke came out, when I spent a lot of time convincing everyone that Season 6 would be about the Manson Murders, thanks to this one promo.

5. Kai uses the Manson Murders as the jumping off point to start his own revolution…which is going to take place at a Planned Parenthood.

6. Kai and his cronies go to Planned Parenthood, and while there, murder Gary (you know, Chaz Bono, who only has one arm on the show), and then leave his body by the door to be found in the morning.

7. OH ALSO, Gary is totally cool with this happening, and knows he’s serving the greater good. Ugh.

8. Beverly — you know, the TV reporter — cannot keep her shit together to do a news report on Gary’s murder, and honestly, same.

9. Winter knows that Ally killed Ivy, and wants to talk about it, but Ally does not want to talk about it. I honestly can’t remember when this happened during the episode, but it’s still bothering me today.

10. Winter knows she has to GTFO out of this cult, and starts putting the pieces into motion to GTFO. Beverly is going to come with her (I think. Maybe Ally, too? TBH, this is the part of the episode where I really started checking out because it was late and all of this was so disturbing).

11. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way, but I can’t handle watching guys shave? This is a weird, uncomfortable quirk I have. I cannot watch a guy shave their neck and face, and this my own personal phobia. The fear of razors and shaving is Xyrophobia, but my fear is specifically WATCHING someone shave. This is all to say, Kai starts shaving his face, and Winter helps, and I could literally not stomach watching this. THIS was the most uncomfortable moment of the episode for me.

12. Oh shit, Kai knows Winter is trying to escape, and they have the most heartbreaking and tense conversation, where Winter says she’s going away for a while — and Kai catches her trying to escape and then drags her in front of his supporters/cult/the scary men.

13. Kai chokes Winter to death.

UGH. BYE, EPISODE 10. On a scale of 1 to completely uncomfortable and cringeworthy, this was like a 13.