Welp, it’s just been confirmed that one “American Horror Story” cast member *isn’t* returning

We know so much and so little about the upcoming season of American Horror Story. From what we’ve been told, it’ll be based on the 2016 presidential election. We already know that’s a scary thing, but just how will it translate to murder, mayhem, and Evan Peters with blue hair? That remains to be seen.

While many cast members for the season have been confirmed, we’ve now gotten word that one AHS vet won’t be stopping by for Season 7. Over the weekend, word spread that Lady Gaga — who’s been a part of two seasons so far, Hotel and Roanoke — would once again don some crazy costume and murder people.

Though Vogue has suggested that we would see her at some point, don’t hold your breath for any appearances from Gaga. false

As Entertainment Weekly informs us, Gaga is not slated to appear in the upcoming season. That’s a shame, because it feels like her time with AHS was only just beginning. Plus, Gaga + Ryan Murphy just seemed to work really well together.

There’s still a chance that she could show up at some point, since AHS loves to try and throw us off the scent sometimes. Gaga could always appear in another season at some point down the road, too. Many cast members have left AHS for a season or two, only to reappear again in a totally different way.

So go ahead and cross Gaga off the list of potential victims/perpetrators for American Horror Story Season 7. We think. AHS loves surprises!