Ryan Murphy just shared another new character from “American Horror Story” Season 7 because he never wants us to sleep again

What’s worse: Knowing nothing about the upcoming season of American Horror Story, or learning things that literally keep us awake at night?

While the new season of the horror anthology series is still being kept under wraps, AHS Czar, Ryan Murphy, has slowly been teasing a few things here and there – which is a complete departure from last year when we learned NOTHING until the season premiere.

For Season 7, we know it’s going to be themed about the 2016 presidential election and Evan Peters has funky-colored hair. Those are the only real concrete things we know are coming, but this hasn’t stopped Murphy from posting pictures to his Instagram of what might pop up.

He’s already teased one pretty terrifying character, and now he’s shared another. How would you like to be chased down by a monster with HANDS ON ITS HEAD?


Murphy’s caption suggests that this is a “clue.” And what is it? Ambidexterity. Sure. Whatever the hell that means about Season 7.

This monster (…presidential candidate?) looks like they are wearing a hockey mask from those slasher movies, but with a blue upside down star scribbled across the front (…is it supposed to be a pentagram?). But all of that is overshadowed by the HANDS. WHY ARE THE HANDS ON THE HEAD, RYAN MURPHY? What, in sweet Evan Peters’ name, does this have to do with the 2016 presidential election?

Or is this monster more like a manifestation of all our shattered hopes and dreams taking the form of a creature with one too many appendages? So many questions! No answers! Only nightmares!

We’ll find out whatever this thing is as soon as AHS picks up in the fall.