“American Horror Story” might have just revealed the ~big twist~ and we need to talk about it

American Horror Story: Spoilers. SO MANY SPOILERS. 

So…is that a wrap on “My Roanoke Nightmare?” It sure feels like the end of this documentary series is coming to a close. Matt and Shelby have officially left the Murde House, and swear never to go back to it ever again. Flora has been found safe, and her and Lee are (hopefully) going to start a new life together. And The Butcher…is dead? Maybe? IDK, still unclear as to whether or not ghosts can actually “die.”

While it feels like the end, this is far from the end. There are still five episodes left of American Horror Story: Roanoke. Supposedly, the next episode, “Episode 6,” will reveal a big twist. What kind of big twist? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ There are a thousand different theories out there about this twist, and most of them are pretty good. While we can’t exactly figure out what’s going to happen from here on out, we do know one thing:

We're actually going to see the production crew for "My Roanoke Nightmare."

Instead of the usual, 30-second preview for the next episode, we got about 10-seconds of grainy behind-the-scenes footage. Oh, and who’s that? That guy we see is Cheyenne Jackson, whose voice we’ve now heard three times as the producer behind the camera for “My Roanoke Nightmare.”


Producer Cheyenne tells his camera crew to keep filming no matter what. That’s all he says before the video cuts away to the AHS title card.

Hmmm. Can't help but notice that the subtitle "My Roanoke Nightmare" has completely disappeared. Also, this sure doesn't look like Roanoke, North Carolina.

For those of us who have correctly theorized that the ~big twist~ would have something to do with the production crew, give yourself a big pat on the back, because it looks like that’s about to happen.

As to how this is a ~horror story~ we’re still just going to have to wait and find out.