Lena Dunham has joined “American Horror Story,” and this season is shaping up to be the best yet

The cast of the current season of American Horror Story continues to grow — even though we don’t know exactly what any of them are going to be doing this season.

Currently, only a handful of actors have been confirmed for Season 7, including returning AHS vets Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. Billy Eichner and Billie Lourd have both snagged roles, and so has Scream Queens very own Colton Haynes. It’d be cool to know what they’re going to be doing when they all join together to battle…uh, the demons of Season 7, and now we’ve learned that they’ll have someone else with them: Lena Dunham.

Yes, that Lena Dunham, the one and only. Late Tuesday night, Mr. Ryan Murphy tweeted out that the Girls mastermind had joined the series in an undisclosed role — then again, they’re all undisclosed so breaking the norm would actually be telling us who she’s playing. false

Currently, Dunham has not responded to the announcement herself (unless you call this latex bodysuit a response…and/or a clue for Season 7?), but somewhere, she’s probably psyched to be a part of the anthology series. Wouldn’t you be if you got to step into Ryan Murphy’s twisty-turvy world?

Supposedly, the theme of AHS Season 7 is going to drop today, July 20th (and maybe by the time you’re reading this the ~big reveal~ will have already happened). Until we know what it is for certain, happy theorizing!