The first “American Horror Story” teaser may have just leaked — and as usual, we’re scared and confused

Unlike last year, this season of American Horror Story has not been cloaked in total secrecy. However, though Mr. Ryan Murphy has been dropping hints along the way, none of it makes sense. Now, the first trailer for Season 7 may have just leaked, and even though I have now watched it roughly five times, it’s still a big question mark. And not like the good kind of question mark, if that’s even a thing.

Also, this is supposedly the first trailer. The twitter for FX Latin America released it early Tuesday morning on Twitter, and it sure looks official. Thinking back to last year, I remember that this FX Latin America had a few “official” images and promos for Season 6 before they ever made their way to the channels for FX USA. So this is probably real. Maybe. Who knows anymore! false

The Twitter translation tells me that it reads: RT if you always like the “clowns”.

As we learned the other week, Season 7 will see the return of Twisty the Clown from Season 4, so this trailer with the clown certainly falls in line with that — and actually everything else Mr. Murphy has released. Like, this terrifying clown mask:

And also this picture of Season 7 star Colton Haynes. Now the smudged red lipstick makes a little bit more sense. Is that a giant HINT about clown lips?

Oh no, are we about to see an entire season of AHS that’s themed around the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election + Bonus Clowns? On no, wait, is Ryan Murphy making an entire season of AHS about those terrifying clowns that used to run around towns with giant knives + politics?

Is this already too much for me to handle and the new season is still roughly two months away? Sure is. According to Murphy, he’s going to drop the theme of Season 7 Thursday morning so we’ll just have to wait and see. Brace yourselves for whatever it might be.