Lady Gaga just teased her “American Horror Story” character, and we have a thousand questions

American Horror Story premiers in FOUR DAYS, and we still know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the upcoming season.

After trailer upon trailer, Season 6 could take place anywhere, focus on any story, and have any theme. It’s anyone’s guess as to what’s going to happen, and the actors for this season — the few that have been 100% confirmed to return — have been super tight lipped about sharing information. For poor Evan Peter’s sake, he did a whole interview and when asked AHS questions, all he said was, “I don’t know”!!

While Evan Peters is clearly pleading the fifth, Lady Gaga on the other hand is willing to offer up the *tiniest* piece of information as to who she’ll be playing for Season 6. According to her, her character is, “in the Earth.”

Say what? Lady Gaga, that makes it sound like you will be playing a tree for this upcoming season. And honestly, knowing what AHS has done in the past, it wouldn’t be at all alarming if Lady Gaga played a super-twisted Grandmother Willow.


Friday, Gaga stopped by the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw to talk about her brand new single, “Perfect Illusion.” Though the two mostly chatted about this new (awesome) track, the conversation shifted to AHS, and that her character is “grounded.” Like, dirt?

“The character I’m playing this year on Horror Story, she’s quite grounded,” Gaga explained. “That might sound ridiculous one you see who she is, but she’s very ‘in the earth’ and that really helped when when I went to the studio [to record “Perfect Illusion, because] I got to get into that place of feeling really connected to people.”

For starters, Gaga is probably not playing a tree, but let’s not reject that pretty great theory just yet. And from this short little snippet, it sounds like it might take us a while to figure out her character’s true motives, seeing as how Gaga’s already hinting that we might find her “ridiculous.”

But still, it’s that “in the Earth” comment. Who refers to themselves as “in the Earth” unless you’re sprouting roots?? Might this possibly mean that Gaga just has a deep connection to the Earth? Like, a farmer? There have been a WHOLE lot of trailers revolving around farm houses, and corn fields, and also aliens.

Could Lady Gaga be playing a tree alien?

Okay, she’s probably not playing a tree alien, put put a pin in that idea for now and save it for Season 7. We’ll find out her character FOR REAL this coming WEDNESDAY.