‘American Horror Story: Hotel”s teaser is the stuff of nightmares. Plus we have new deets.

FINALLY, we’ve got our first look at the first guest to check into American Horror Story: Hotel — and it’s Lady Gaga. Though we don’t see her face, or her body, or much of her at all, that is most definitely her hand hitting the front desk bell. With one shrill little, “ding,” Gaga has arrived. She even Tweeted, “Hope you like being scared.” We are so READY.


This 10-second teaser is the first of hopefully so much more information to come our way from AHS: Hotel. Some of the cast including creator Ryan Murphy took to the stage at Comic-Con over the weekend to share a few more details about the show’s upcoming season.

As Murphy explained to the crowd, the stars with him — Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and Matt Bomer — will be “bad boys and girls this time,” and that includes the absent Gaga. Since this IS American Horror Story we’re talking about here, that could mean anything.

We also learned that it was actually Gaga who reached out to him asking to be a part of the show, according to Murphy. “Gaga wrote [to me] and said, ‘I love the show, would you consider putting me on it?’” Murphy told the crowd, “And I wrote back, ‘Yes. CAPS CAPS…’ The best call ever is ‘Please wait for Gaga’…and she got on the phone and could not have been lovelier.” It was also Gaga’s request to play someone evil, to which Murply relied, “You came to the right place.” Um, yep, you totally have.

Additionally, Murphy confirmed a popular AHS theory that excited a lot of us AHS fangirls and guys:  though the seasons stand alone, they are in fact all connected to one another. “This season, you’ll see more and more and more of that. Characters from previous seasons will come check into the hotel,” Murphy explained.

One person who, sadly, won’t be checking in this year is Jessica Lange. She’s not returning to AHS, and we’re still crying. However, just because she’s not there doesn’t mean her presence won’t be felt. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, both Paulson and Bassett explained that they’re going to try to bring her back to the show by “borrowing all her moves.” Bassett is going to take Lange’s trademark whisper voice, while Paulson is going to do the hand-to-the-heart thing. We approve.

Plus, without Lange, the show has the opportunity to become more of an “ensemble.” Murphy told Deadline, “I think that the thing that’s different about the season is that before we’ve always been very driven by the Jessica Lange character. She was always the lead character.” And we’ve always loved her taking the lead (I mean, duh), but we’re excited that the other stars have more screen time as well.

Whether you’re ready or not —our arrival date to check into this Hotel is October 2015.

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