This couple had an “American Horror Story” themed wedding and everything about it is chic AF

When you think of wedding themes, your mind probably drifts to things like flowers, a night under the stars, or the beach. You’re probably not thinking of American Horror Story, but one couple sure was. Michael Scola and Jordan Rodarte just recently tied the knot, and instead of going with some boring (but still totally okay!) traditional theme, they instead went all out with an American Horror Story themed wedding. And we’re so sad we weren’t invited.

Judging from the pictures on social media, it appears as if every last detail was themed to some aspect of American Horror Story, mainly Season 5’s Hotel. The two even held their wedding at L.A.’s Oviatt Penthouse, which was actually used for the exterior shots of AHS: Hotel (and looking at the pictures of inside the hotel, yes we are getting major Hotel Cortez vibes).

Their invitations were even done up in the AHS font, and oh gosh, we’re stealing everything about this wedding for our own.

Guests attending were clearly encouraged to dress in their best throwback Hotel Cortez style, with many showing up in their best 1920s flapper attire.

And major shoutout to this guy who actually came dressed as Denis O’Hare’s character from Hotel, Liz Taylor.

If that’s still not enough AHS for you, Naomi Grossman (from both Asylum and Freak Show) was the ring bearer!!

It looks like an incredibly night, and we are jealous AF we didn’t think to do this ourselves, especially over Halloween weekend! Major congrats to the happy couple, and we’re really happy they didn’t go with a Roanoke theme for their big day.