Hot Topic’s ‘American Horror Story’ line is here, and we’re buying it all

Ready to take your love for American Horror Story to the next level? The FX show has partnered with Hot Topic to release a new line of clothing inspired by the anthology series. Hopefully you’re a fan of black, because just about everything in the line is black. Regardless, everything is absolutely to die for [nervous laughter].

The new line features one item of clothing for each season so far, spanning all the way from Murder House to the upcoming Hotel. For Murder House, we’ve got a a dress inspired by a maid’s outfit, just like the one Moira would have worn. The dress for Asylum features a tulle skirt with all sorts of different surgical tools on it. Then for Coven, we’ve got a “witch coat” straight from Miss Robichaux’s Academy. And Freak Show gives us something completely different with a dress reminiscent of a circus big top tent.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got Hotel. The dress takes its cue from an old bellhop uniform (bellhop hat, not included). Guess we can take this to mean that bellhops and elevators are going to play a big role in Season 5 of AHS?

They’re all priced between $69 and $79 dollars, and run in juniors size XS through 3X. Even though AHS won’t return until October 7th, the line goes on sale September 28th, but you can pre-order them right now.

And if dresses aren’t you’re thing, and they’re just a little too expensive for your liking, there’s always the AHS graphic t-shirt line from Hot Topic. Priced between $15 and $25, these shirts feature lots of logos with the AHS font… and an alarming number of shirts featuring Evan Peters’ Tate from Season 1. Clearly, undead love knows no bounds.

(Images via Hot Topic)


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