The one detail you probably missed in last night’s “American Horror Story” that foreshadows what’s coming next

A whole2 lot of murder and mayhem went down during the sixth episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke, “Chapter 6.” Like, how we saw the rise, and then the great fall, of our favorite Evan Peters as he was introduced to us for the second time this season, and then rudely ripped away from us for the second time this season. Ugh, come on AHS.

But take a closer look at the few precious moments Evan had screentime during the episode, and you’ll realize that his character, Rory, actually avoided an even more awful death. Yes, it is pretty upsetting to be killed by murderous ghost nurses. But it’s probably even worse to be killed by murderous Roanoke ghost settlers — have you forgotten what happened to Cricket?

Towards the end of the episode, Rory and his wife Audrey (Sarah Paulson, no-longer-playing-Shelby) head out to the hot tub (origins, still unknown) to ~get it on~. Audrey then leaves to head back inside and take a shower, leaving Rory in the hot tub all alone with a glass of wine. He then heads inside when he hears everyone screaming during the Matt and Not-Matt fight.


It’s those last few seconds Rory spends in the hot tub we need to examine. At first glance, it appears as if there are candles all around the tub…but Rory and Audrey didn’t light any candles. So could those be…torches?


(You’re welcome for the Evan Peters bathing suit gif, btw)

Well, it sure looks like the Roanoke ghost colonists are on their way back to the house, and this time FOR REAL. To kill everyone FOR REAL.

That~figure~ Rory and Audrey saw standing outside, who they assumed was simply the actress who played The Butcher, might actually have been The Butcher, the REAL Butcher, she’s here for her Blood Moon sacrifice.

Not like it’s going to help in the least bit, but hopefully someone locked the door to the MurdeR House before everyone went to bed.