Evan Peters plays the most unlikely Evan Peters role on “American Horror Story: Cult,” and the internet has feelings

It sure looks like Ryan Murphy heard our complaints about American Horror Story: Roanoke loud and clear, because good news, Evan Peters is in a LOT of American Horror Story: Cult. While the long-time AHS cast member was basically non-existent during Roanoke (and when he was around, he was a ghost and/or simply dead), he immediately shows up at the beginning of Cult. And…well…

Listen, if you’ve seen the season premiere of Cult, “Election Night,” you know that Peters does some questionable things, and I’m not even talking about using Cheetos as face paint.

As with every character Peters has played on AHS, the introduction of Kai Anderson brought forth a LOT of feelings from viewers. Some of them good. Some of them bad. Some of them…questionable. As for those questionable feelings, one episode in, honestly, same.

Many couldn’t help but notice…his political affiliation. And while he never really comes right out and says it, we can guess.

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All around, there were just hella conflicted feelings.

The internet couldn’t help but notice that he got a little TOO in character.

But you know what, above all else let’s just be thankful he’s front and center this season.

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Here’s to Kai not putting any more Cheetos on his face on American Horror Story: Cult. Because that was weird!