We just learned a *little* bit more about the “American Horror Story: Roanoke” documentary, so go ahead and freak out

American Horror Story: Spoilers. 

For this season of American Horror Story, we’ve got a “present-day story” and then a show-within-a-show setup, with “actor reenactments.” While we’re still not entirely sure what’s real — whether the actors, or the documentary setup — during the third episode of AHS, a kinda major bombshell was dropped: We actually saw the camera crew for the “My Roanoke Nightmare” so go ahead and just like, freak the F out over that.

It comes as a complete surprise (I will admit, I shrieked), because you just DON’T expect it to happen. It was almost like AHS broke the fourth wall, but only for the “My Roanoke Nightmare” documentary. While the Talking Heads of Shelby, Matt, and Lee are discussing the medium they hired to help locate Flora, suddenly a RANDOM VOICE starts talking — and he asks Shelby to elaborate on her story.

What’s even more alarming is that we then actually *see* the camera crew. It’s a super quick scene, but the camera pulls back enough to show us a crew member giving Talking Head Lee some water, and she questions if the cameras should still be rolling (they are, even though she asked them to be turned off).


And now the most alarming thing about this: The documentary crew for “My Roanoke Nightmare” knows way more about our characters than they’re letting on. Turns out that Lee actually has another daughter, Emily, but she was abducted (just like Flora) at a young age.

When Emily’s name comes up, Lee asks the guy behind the camera how he knew about her, to which he responds that it’s his job to look into their subject’s lives, and that includes all police (and death) records. OH REALLY NOW.

OH, and the mysterious camera crew voice sure does sound a LOT like Cheynne Jackson, who’s listed as one of the main cast members of this season, but has yet to appear. Does this all but truly confirm that things are suddenly going to get crazy for the ~documentary~, and we’re in for a huge flip? We’ve got a lot of theories about just what the big twist for this season might be, and knowing that there are *real* people filming Shelby, Matt, and Lee, this just leads to SO many more questions.