This “American Horror Story” theory suggests that the production crew is behind everything

American Horror Story: Spoilers. 

How about that weird “My Roanoke Nightmare” production crew, huh? What’s up with THEM? While we knew all along they were ~there~ they were really an unseen presence. You know, because they’re making the “My Roanoke Nightmare” TV show, the one we’re watching on TV right now.

We only truly learned about them in “Episode 3,” when the “fourth wall” was broken and one of the production crew members (with a voice just like Chyenne Jackson) asked Lee about her lost daughter, Emily. We actually saw the production crew with our own eyes during “Episode 4” when we cut away for a second and showed a PA standing next to Lee, and another woman off in the corner fixing a scrim.


It’s kinda odd that this production crew has suddenly started playing a role in American Horror Story, huh? This might be totally intentional, though, because the production crew might be the real threat here. In a lengthy Reddit theory, TheStarsDescent, suggests that the crew is actually staging everything, and has been staging everything — even for the “real” Matt and Shelby.

"[The idea] is that the producer of "My Roanoke Nightmare" (Cheyenne Jackson) is subverting the reality TV/paranormal "documentary" format (much like how AHS subverted/brought back the anthology format) using Candid Camera/Blair Witch as his inspiration," TheStarsDescent writes. "He sets up a situation for a real-life couple and then films horrifically "real re-enactments" using actors who are also being put through a faked haunting. He is likely receiving a lot of critical praise for this."

But wait, that’s not all. The theory continues that the twist after the twist is that everything actually IS haunted; it’s not staged.

"What's new for this rendition, however, is that they're actually on haunted grounds and the real spirits on that land are not only going to be displeased with their presence, but if the stories of the Blood Moon are true, they're going to have a field day with killing plenty of production/the cast.

So once again, we’re asking ourselves what’s real and what’s fake, even when it comes to the real show-within-a-show of American Horror Story. You can check out the full theory over on Reddit, and just know it’s going to mess with your brain a lot (just like how the production crew is probably messing with Matt and Shelby).