Say hello to your new obsession — the intro for “American Horror Story: Cult” is here

Last season on American Horror Story, we didn’t even get an intro for Roanoke, so it’s a wonderful surprise that not only will we be getting an intro for Cult, but it’s already here. Roughly two weeks before the new season kicks off — September 5th!! — the political-charged intro is here, and yes, we’ve got clowns and President Trump.

Oh, we’ve missed this intro. And this new one is pretty good, with a theme that sounds like a song you might hear a marching band play as they roam through your town on 4th of July. No doubt about it, this season is going to focus on politics a lot. Also, clowns! Also, balloons, and bees, and bathtubs.

The trailer shows us a few of the big names we know will be in the season — like, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Allison Pill, Cheyenne Jackson — but we’re missing a lot of them. We know cast members like Billy Eichner and Colton Haynes are set to appear, but they’re suspiciously missing from the main titles. Also, sure seems like there are a lot of other spaces in the trailer for more unannounced cast members.

So while AHS: Cult has revealed a lot about the season, clearly, they’re still keeping a few secrets from us.

The new season kicks off on September 5th, so you’ve got some time to come to grips with the fact you’ll never be able to look at carousels the same way again.